This explains general expecations of sites participating in ENACT
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We are excited to have your continued involvement in the network. Expectations for participating sites are listed below.

Node Maintenance

  • We expect sites to take one new version of SHRINE, i2b2, and the ACT/ENACT ontology once per year
    • Note that there may be times when versions of the ontology are released more frequently for local use. These versions will be bundled for one upgrade at the network level. We do not plan on requiring more frequent upgrades than once per year.
    • New versions will be decided by the ENACT Network Operations team and tested in the test network before being released to the production network.
  • Sites should refresh their data at least once per month, although more frequently is desired
  • We expect sites to complete minor administrative tasks on an as needed basis, such as informing us of changes to their team and completing brief surveys designed to collect more information on their node
  • In the future, we will also expect sites to participate in data quality efforts. The Data Quality team is looking to automate and streamline this process as much as possible. Details are forthcoming.

End User Support

  • Sites will need to support end user provisioning and regular monitoring of local accounts using the network
  • We also expect sites to keep up the network data steward role to periodically monitor local network activity and reach out to end users who may be issuing concerning queries across the network

Other ENACT Activities

  • The ENACT Dissemination Team will reach out to sites in early December to conduct customer discovery interviews with individuals designated by your site PI, administrator, or informatics lead
  • In summer of 2023, the ENACT Dissemination Team will ask to work with a member of your team to share updated end user training and marketing materials, and to assist in relaunching the network with its expanded use cases through your local communication channels

If you have questions or need additional information, reach out to the ENACT project manager Elaina Sendro Gano (