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ACT Network Jira

The ACT Network Jira is used for sites to create and monitor tickets when an issue arises at their site. Tickets will be assigned to the appropriate personnel based on the issue. Sites are encouraged to submit tickets when an issue arises to ensure a prompt and thorough resolution process.

The ACT Network uses a single user/site access model. One primary account from each site should have access to the ACT Network Jira Project. Click here to access the site.

Website FAQ

Please visit the National ACT Network page to browse how-to resources, frequently asked questions, and other additional information about ACT.

Technology Listserv

The ACT technology distribution mailing list is routinely used for both those looking to share and gather information. Click here for instructions on how to join and/or search the archived technology listserv.

Key Contacts

All key contacts for the ACT Network can be found here.