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ACT Usage Metrics

The monthly ACT Metrics collection survey is on RedCap.

Who completes the survey? Sites live with end users. Sites must complete the survey even if their number have not changed from the previous month.

How often does the survey need completed? Monthly, by the second Friday of each month to capture data for the previous month. The survey will be sent to the data steward mailing list each month as a reminder.

What if I didn’t submit a previous month’s metrics? If you have not submitted a prior month’s metrics, feel free to fill out the survey as many times as necessary. When doing so, make sure you denote the appropriate month and date in the survey.

How is this information used? Data collected is used for executive committee and NCATS reporting purposes, but we are evaluating how best to share this information back to participating ACT sites.

Data Steward Training

Click here for the data steward training video. The accompanying slides can be found here.

Use Cases

Example ACT use cases can be found here.


The audio from the data steward meeting held on November 14th, 2019 can be found here.


We will use the distribution list ACTfacilitatorsDS for all necessary communications. Information about the mailing list and instructions on how to join can be found here.